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22 1934



Regulations by the Minister.

1. The notices to be given by the planning authority and the times at or within which such notices are to be given and in the case of notices to persons, the persons to whom and the manner in which such notices are to be given, and in the case of notices to the public, the nature of the advertisements or other means by which such notices are to be given and published.

2. The documents (including maps and plans) to be deposited by the planning authority, the places in which and times at or within which such documents are to be deposited.

3. The inspection by persons interested of documents (including maps and plans) deposited in pursuance of the regulations.

4. The matters to be specified in particular documents or shown on particular maps or plans and the scale on which any particular map or plan is to be drawn.

5. The manner in which planning schemes are to be submitted to the Minister for his approval.

6. The documents and information to be furnished by a planning authority to the Minister for the purpose of the consideration by him of a planning scheme.

7. The manner in which, and the times at or within which objections to or representations in respect of a planning scheme may be made to the planning authority or to the Minister.

8. Securing co-operation by the planning authority with owners of property and other persons likely to be affected by the planning scheme.

9. For securing that local authorities who are likely to be affected by a planning scheme shall, as soon as possible after the passing of a resolution for the preparation of a planning scheme, receive notice of the passing of such resolution, and shall be furnished by the planning authority with a copy of the planning scheme before it is submitted to the Minister, and shall be entitled to be heard at any public inquiry held in relation to the planning scheme.

10. For enabling planning authorities and responsible authorities to obtain (with or without charge) information, which they require for the purposes of or in connection with the preparation, making, or carrying into effect of planning schemes, by inspection of or obtaining copies from rate books and other similar documents which are not in their custody.