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10 1955



Home Work.

Lists of outworkers to be kept in certain trades.

91. —(1) In the case of persons employed in such classes of work as may from time to time be specified by regulations of the Minister, the occupier of every factory and every contractor employed by any such occupier in the business of the factory shall—

(a) keep in the prescribed form and manner, and with the prescribed particulars, lists showing the names and addresses of all persons (hereinafter referred to as out workers) directly employed by him, either as workmen or as contractors, in the business of the factory, outside the factory, and of the places where they are employed,

(b) send to an inspector such copies of or extracts from those lists as the inspector may from time to time require,

(c) send to the sanitary authority during the month of February and the month of August in each year copies of those lists, showing all outworkers so employed by him during the preceding six months.

(2) Every sanitary authority shall cause the lists received by the authority in pursuance of this section to be examined, and shall furnish the name and place of employment of every outworker included in any such list whose place of employment is outside the district of the sanitary authority to the sanitary authority in whose district his place of employment is.

(3) The lists kept by the occupier or contractor shall be open to inspection by any inspector, and by any health inspector or other officer duly authorised by the sanitary authority, and the copies sent to the sanitary authority and the particulars furnished by one sanitary authority to another shall be open to inspection by any inspector or officer of any Minister of State.

(4) This section shall apply to any place from which any work is given out in connection with the business of a factory (whether the materials for the work are supplied by the occupier or not), and to the occupier of that place, and to every contractor employed by the occupier in connection with the said work, as if that place were a factory.

(5) In the event of a contravention of this section by the occupier of a factory or place, or by a contractor, the occupier or contractor shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding five pounds.

Employment of person in unwholesome promises.

92. —(1) Where work in respect of which this section applies is carried on for the purpose of or in connection with the business of a factory in any place which is in the opinion of the sanitary authority injurious or dangerous to the health of the persons employed therein, the sanitary authority may give notice in writing to the occupier of the factory or to any contractor employed by him setting forth particulars of the respects in which the place is, in their opinion, so injurious or dangerous, and the reasons for that opinion and, if the occupier or contractor after the expiration of ten days from the receipt of such notice gives out work to be done in that place, he shall, unless it is proved to the satisfaction of the court dealing with the case that the place is not injurious or dangerous in the respects set forth in the notice, be guilty of an offence under this section.

(2) For the purpose of this section any place from which work is given out shall be deemed to be a factory.

(3) This section shall apply in respect of such classes of work as may be specified in regulations made by the Minister.