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10 1972





20. —(1) In this Part, “petroleum-spirit” means petroleum which, at normal atmospheric pressure, gives off an inflammable vapour at a temperature of less than 73°F.

(2) The Minister may prescribe the method and the apparatus to be employed for testing petroleum and may provide for verification of such apparatus and prescribe the fees to be paid for such verification.

Storage of petroleum-spirit.

21. —(1) No person shall have petroleum-spirit in his possession or under his control except in a store licensed by the proper local or harbour authority (or, if the store is owned by such authority, licensed by the Minister) for that purpose.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to—

(a) a quantity not exceeding three gallons kept in suitable leak-proof containers, securely stopped and containing not more than one gallon each, or

(b) a quantity not exceeding sixty gallons kept in accordance with regulations of the Minister, for use in engines to which the regulations relate, or

(c) petroleum-spirit in the fuel tank of an engine for use therein, or

(d) a carrier or other person having petroleum-spirit for the purpose of conveyance in conformity with this Act or in the exercise of functions conferred on him by or under this Act.

Marking of containers.

22. —(1) Every container of petroleum-spirit (other than the fuel tank of an engine) shall be clearly and conspicuously marked with the words “Petroleum-Spirit” and “Highly Inflammable”.

(2) The Minister may, by regulations, provide for the marking of containers.

(3) Every person who has in his possession or under his control any container not marked in conformity with this section or such regulations shall be guilty of an offence.

Safety regulations.

23. —(1) The Minister may, by regulations, provide for the protection of persons against risk of injury caused by petroleum.

(2) Regulations may impose duties upon employers, employed persons, occupiers of premises and other persons.

(3) Before making any regulations the Minister shall publish in such manner as he thinks fit notice of his intention to do so and give persons desiring to make representations in relation to the proposed regulations an opportunity to do so.