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10 1972




Use of fireworks in public places.

61. —Any person who throws or casts any fireworks in or into, or ignites any fireworks in, any highway, street, thoroughfare or public place shall be guilty of an offence.

Conveyance of substances.

62. —(1) All practicable steps to prevent risk of injury to person or property shall be taken in the conveying, loading and unloading of any substance to which this Act applies.

(2) The Minister may make regulations for the purposes of subsection (1) other than the purposes for which bye-laws may be made under subsection (3).

(3) The Minister may require a railway or canal undertaker to make under its statutory powers bye-laws governing the conveyance, loading and unloading of such substances by its undertaking and the undertaker shall comply with the requirement.

Notice of ships carrying petroleum-spirit and other substances.

63. —(1) The owner or master of every ship carrying any petroleum-spirit or explosive or any substance the importation of which is prohibited or controlled under section 36 shall, on entering any harbour in the State, give notice of the nature of such cargo to the harbour master.

(2) If such notice is not given the owner and the master shall each be guilty of an offence.

(3) It shall be a good defence to a charge for a contravention of this section to prove that neither the owner nor the master knew the nature of the goods in respect of which the proceedings are taken, and that neither of them could, with reasonable diligence, have obtained such knowledge.

Trespass and other offences on licensed premises.

64. —(1) A person who enters without permission or otherwise trespasses upon any licensed premises shall be guilty of an offence, and may be forthwith removed by a member of the Garda Síochána or by the licensee or any agent of or other person authorised by the licensee.

(2) A person who without lawful authority commits any act which tends to cause explosion or fire in or about the premises shall be guilty of an offence.

(3) The licensee shall post up in some conspicuous place or places in or about the premises a notice or notices warning all persons of their liability to penalties under this section; but the absence of any such notice shall not exempt any person from liability.

Duties of persons employed.

65. —(1) A person employed in any premises to which any provisions of this Act apply shall not wilfully interfere with or misuse any means, appliance, convenience or other thing provided in pursuance of this Act for securing the health, safety or welfare of the persons employed at the premises, and where any means or appliance for securing health or safety is provided for the use of any such person under this Act, he shall use the means or appliance.

(2) A person employed in any premises or on any ship, vessel or vehicle to which any provisions of this Act apply shall not wilfully and without reasonable cause do anything likely to endanger himself or others.

Display of notices.

66. —(1) Regulations may require that a prescribed abstract of this Act, copies of prescribed instruments or abstracts thereof and other notices be kept posted in the prescribed manner at prescribed places and any instrument under this Act may impose a like requirement in respect of a copy of the instrument itself or a prescribed abstract thereof.

(2) If any person fails to comply with a requirement imposed on him under this section or wilfully pulls down, injures or defaces any document posted in pursuance thereof he shall be guilty of an offence.